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Single Rider
Local : RM150
Non-Local : RM250

Double Rider
Local : RM190
Non-Local : RM300

ATV + Sosodikon Hill Hiking   

Embrace nature with this 1 hour journey including an ATV ride along Mount Kinabalu and trekking up Sosodikon Hill.               

Single Rider
Local : RM 100
Non-Local : RM150 

Double Rider
Local : RM 150
Non-Local : RM200

Sosodikon ATV.jpeg

ATV + Earthquake Historical Site (Temporarily not available).

Enjoy an unforgettable 2 hours sightseeing trip with greeting from wonders of the nature such as an astonishing view of Mount Kinabalu and the Special Trail of an Earthquake Historical Site. 

ATV Sosodikon 12.jfif
ATV Sosodikon 10.jfif
ATV Earthquake 1.jpg
ATV Earthquake 10.jfif
ATV Earthquake 6.jpg


ATV Borneo Adventure .png
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