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ATV Borneo Adventure Sdn. Bhd. is a Sabah based start-up company which organizes local tours on All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) as a fun alternative to explore the region. It is incorporated as a private company limited by shares in 2015.



To revolutionize and reinvigorate the local tourism industry by providing tours with a dash of adrenaline.



To provide top notch customer satisfaction by complementing existing tourist routes with an alternative means of transportation.

ATV Experience

ATV Experience

The core of ATV Borneo Adventure’s customer appeal is the ATV rides. Customers will be able to explore and experience firsthand the lay of the ground on the ATVs.

ATV Borneo Adventure

ATV Borneo Adventure

As a result, customers will be left with a more meaningful and impactful memories of the beauty of Sabah.

ATV Tours and GoPro Video

ATV Tours and GoPro Video

By incorporating ATV tours and GoPro video recordings, ATV Borneo Adventure tailors solutions based on the customers’ needs and desires. With various routes with differing terrain conditions on offer, customers are able to choose the most appropriate experience to suit their tastes.



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